Chain - 530 - JT Expert HD - 'X' Ring - 112 Link

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JT Heavy-Duty X-ring chain provides superior wear characteristics over standard O-ring chain. The X pattern of the O-ring traps more lubricant inside the chain and keeps more road grime out. 30% longer life than conventional O-ring chain. Tensile strength of 9240lbs/foot.. Recommended for bikes up to 1000cc. These chains come with a rivet link. Rivet links require a chain riveting tool to join the chain. See related items below for the riveting tool. Also available is a split link for these chains. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE OTHER BRAND SPLIT LINKS. See related items below for the split link. While more convenient- it should be noted the chain manufacturers always recommend using the rivet type link.

Fits Honda VFR750FJ/FK (88-89) VFR750FL/FM/FN/FP/FR/FS/FT/FV/FW (90-98)

Fits Kawasaki ZX400K1-K3 ZX600E1-E12 (93-04) ZX750F1-F3 (86-88) ZX750G2-G3 (85-88) ZX750H1-H2 (89-90) VN800B1-B9 (96-04) VN800C1-C2/E1-E4 (99-04) ZX900A1-A12 (84-96) ZX900B1-B4 (94-97) ZX1100E1-E3 (95-98) ZX1100F1 (96-98) ZX1200C1-C3 (02-04)

Fits Suzuki GSX400F-J/K/AK/L (83-84) GS550 M-X/Z/ED/EE/ES/EF/EG/EU (81-87) GSF600 (00-04) GSF600S (95-04) GSX600F/FJ/FUJ/FU2J/FK/FL/FM/FN/FP/FR/FS/FT/FV (85-97) XN85 (83-86) GSX750W/X/Y/K1/K2/K3 (98-03) GSX1200 (99-00) GSX-R1300R-X/Y/K1/K2/K3/K4 (99-04)

Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

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