Blaine Lewis’ 1982 Kawasaki KZ1100

1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 A2 Z1 Enterprises Customer Build

A large displacement cafe racer isn’t commonly found pounding the pavement these days. The usual suspects are your Honda CB350’s or Yamaha XS400’s, which offer that natural agility and nimbleness. Z1 Enterprises customer Blaine Lewis chose to stay with the sheer power of his 1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 and defy some odds. 1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 A2 Z1 Enterprises Customer Build 3

“I just finished my build and I wanted to give a big shout out to you guys at Z1 Enterprises,” says Lewis, hailing from Kansas. “I couldn’t have done it without your excellent customer service and great products. I stripped her down to nothing over this past winter and made her what she is now.”

Thank you for sharing, Blaine and thank you for choosing Z1 Enterprises to assist in bringing this beast of a cafe to life!1982 Kawasaki KZ1100 A2 Z1 Enterprises Customer Build 2

Z1 Enterprises Parts List


DECOM2781:  KZ1100 4 – 1 Exhaust System

DYDC1-2:  Dynatek 3.0 Ohm Ignition Coils

NGSS-522:  KZ1100 Engine Cover Bolt Set

48-1447:  Carburetor Holder Vacuum Plug

DJ2310:  KZ1100 DynoJet Kit

IMK13034-030-1:  Cam Bearings

SU645-4016:  KZ1100 Cylinder Base Gasket

SU608-621:  Complete KZ1100 Gasket Set

APKT1100:  APE Cam Chian Tensioner

APCS900K:  APE Heavy Duty Cylinder Studs

APCHN1000K:  APE Heavy Duty Cylinder Head Nuts

SU620-993:  Kawasaki Cam End Plugs

EM46-50772:  Kawasaki Neutral Switch

200-1040:  Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

43020-1096:  Kawasaki Brake Caliper Piston

KL32-1286:  Kawasaki Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit

SU610-420.2:  VD420 Brake Pads

KS12-0010:  Banjo Bolt Brake Light Switch

GRSB7100:  Speed Bleeder

KL18-2703:  KZ1100 Petcock Rebuild Kit

PM14-9410:  Kawasaki Carb Holder Clamps

92145-0106:  Kawasaki Side Stand Spring

EM84-68594:  4-Cylinder Carb Vacuum Gauges

KS16-1032:  38mm x 50mm x 8/9.5mm Fork Seals

EM13-87827-1:  Copper Exhaust Gasket

92055-1148:  KZ1100 Cylinder Head O-Ring

92043-1037:  KZ1100 Engine Cover Locating Pins

92043-1266:  KZ1100 Cylinder-to-Cases Locating Pins

92020-014X2:  12mm Threaded Dome Chrome Nut

92004-1069: 8mm Exhaust Stud

16012-1010:  Kawasaki Choke Plunger Seal

XPW-100P-220:  Flat Copper Washers

TU12-0003-1:  Clear 5/16″ Fuel Line

35-0115:  Valve Spring Compressor Tool