Featured Products // Rebuilding Your Vintage Motorcycle’s Engine

1975 Kawasaki Z1 Jeff L


Each month, the “Featured Products” section of the site will be dedicated to a specific task and the parts/tools that it takes to get it done.

November is all about the Engine Rebuild.

Generally, we tear down the motor for one of two reasons: to repair worn components or to enhance the performance. This can seem like a daunting job but, done right, it can be very rewarding (and a lot of fun).

Below are a couple highlighted products:


Z1 / KZ900 Piston & Rings Set


4 complete sets of Piston and Rings for the Kawasaki Z1 / KZ900.


1st over – ( 66.5mm )

Comes with Piston Pins and Circlips



Kawasaki Z1 / KZ900



Complete Suzuki GS850 Gasket Set
Suzuki GS850 complete gasket set z1enterprises


 Suzuki GS850 GN / GT / GLT / GX ( 4-cylinder )


Comprised of the following gaskets:


Cylinder Head Cover

Breather Cover

Cylinder Head

Cam Chain O-ring

Gasket Washer

Cylinder Base ( 4 )

Cylinder Sleeve O-ring

Cylinder Base O-ring ( 4 )

Valve Stem Seals ( 2 )


Chrome Engine Case Guards 


Also known as “Crash Bars”, protect all the hard work you did rebuilding that engine with these slick looking guards.



Kawasaki KZ900A4-5 / B1 ( 1976-77 )

Z1/ A / B ( 1973-75 )

KZ1000A1-4 / B1-4 ( 1977-80 )

KZ1000C1-4/ D1 / D3 / E1-2 / G1 ( 1978-81 )




So whether you have to repair some engine parts to get back on the road or you are trying to maximize your vintage motorcycle’s performance, Z1 Enterprises is here with the parts and the knowledge to help you do the job right.

Feel free to email customerservice@z1enterprises.com for any questions.


Z1enterprises Featured Products November 2017 Engine Rebuild