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Body and Frame Parts

Body and Frame Parts

We’ve all seen that guy, chugging down the road with broken brake and clutch levers, cracked bodywork duct taped onto his primer-gray frame and solitary mirror dangling precariously. Don’t be that guy.

Whether it was an old barn find or a neglected yard ornament when you found it, your vintage Kawasaki deserves a careful restoration. From stock-type side covers, fuel tanks and seats to café racer clip-ons or drag bars, Z1 has everything you need make your vintage Japanese motorcycle the blast from the past it should be.

Rusted and cracked mirrors got you flying blind? Replace them with new OEM-style Kawasaki mirrors, or screw in some bar-end mirrors to complete your KZ1000 café racer build.

When it comes to the appearance of your vintage Kawasaki, nothing grabs attention like its paint job, for good or for ill. Our decal kits give your vintage Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha or Kawasaki era-accurate curb appeal. From 70s pin striping to super-sport plastics, we have those hard-to-find decals, side covers and emblems to bring your vintage Japanese motorcycle restoration dream to fruition.

Steering and suspension are another matter, though. Your vintage Kawasaki’s looks may be as put-together as possible, but poorly functioning forks and shocks, or sticking and worn steering bearings, can bring it all crashing down. Used up steering head bearings impart dangerously vague steering characteristics that you may not notice at first. Blown fork seals spew oil out into the wind and down onto brakes and tires. The resulting mess is bad enough, but the dangers of stiff suspension and slipping brake pads should get your attention before it’s too late.

Z1 stocks bodywork, emblems, decals, seats and seat covers that will have your vintage Kawasaki looking better than new. And we also have everything you need to make sure your vintage Japanese steering and suspension components don’t blow the deal and make all those hours of careful restoration so much wasted time. 

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  1. Front Fender Chrome KZ900/1000 Z1
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 35003-015 A very nice high quality copy of the original Z1 Chrome Fender. Fits the following motorcycles: Kawasaki Z1 KZ900A and KZ1000A (77-78) 
  2. Rr Fender Chrome KZ1000-A KZ900 Z1
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 35022-072 A very nice reproduction copy of the Z1 Chrome Rear Fender. Fits Z1 KZ900 KZ1000(77-78). 
  3. Front Fender Chrome KZ900/1000 Z1
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 35004-1047 A very nice high quality copy of the original LTD Chrome Fender with the rolled edge. Originally on just the KZ900-B1 and KZ1000-B1/B2/B3/B4 models, this fender will also fit the Z1 , KZ900-A4/A5 and KZ1000-A1/A2 models. 
  4. Rr Fender Chrome KZ1000-A KZ900 Z1
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 35022-151 A very nice reproduction copy of the LTD Chrome Rear Fender. Originally found on the KZ900-B1, KZ1000-B1/B2/B3/B4 models.  This will also fit the Z1, KZ900-A4/A5 and KZ1000-A1/A2 models. 
  5. Fuel Tank Rubber Damper Z1 KZ900/1000 H1 H2
    Part #
    Equivalent to 92075-084 - Fuel Tank Rubber Damper Fits Kawasaki H1/D/E/F 1972-75 H2 1972-75 KH500A8 1976 KZ1000 KZ1100 KZ900 VN1500A1-13/B1-3/C3-4 1987-99 Z1 ZG1200A1 1986 ZG1200B1-17 1987-2003 ZN1100B1-2 1984-85 
  6. Bushings - Swingarm - Bronze - XS1 - XS2 - XS650 - XS360 - XS400 - XS500 - TX650 - TX750
    Part #
    Bronze Swing arm Bushings (Set/2) - Replace your plastic, steel or bronze factory swing arm bushings and improve your bikes handling.  Equivalent to OEM: 33033-009 90386-22029-00. Bronze. Fits Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ750B1/B2/B3/B4 H2B/C KZ650B1/C1 KH500 H1B/E/F KH400 S3 KZ400A1/A2/D/S S1B/C S2 KZ250 KH250 KE250B1/B2... 
  7. Fork Dust Cover (2) KH500 KZ650 KZ900/1000 KZ750
    Part #
    OEM: 44010-032 - Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle part. Kawasaki front fork dust covers. Sold as a pair only. Fits Kawasaki KH500 KZ650 (thru 1980) KZ750B KZ750G KZ900 KZ1000 (thru 1980) KX250 (74-79) KX400 (75-76) KXT250. Although a little more expensive than the aftermarket version- these are better quality and last m... 
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  8. Side Cover Grommet Kawasaki
    Part #
    OEM: 92071-056 - Kawasaki Grommet Fits Kawasaki F11 G3 G5 H1 H2 KD100 KD175 KD80 KE100 KE125 KE175 KH100 KH250 KH400 KH500 KL250 KM100 KS125 KT250 KZ1000 KZ1100 KZ1300 KZ200 KZ250 KZ305 KZ400 KZ440 KZ550 KZ650 KZ750 KZ900 MC1 S1 S3 Z1 Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle part . The Z1 uses 5 of these and 1 of the 92071-064 g... 
  9. Steering Bearing Kit KZ550 KZ750 KZ900 KZ1000 Z1
    Part #
    Steering Bearing 30 x 52 x 17- 30 x 48 x 14 Fits: Kawasaki 2001 - 06 BN125- 1988 - 94 EL250- 1986 - 07 EX250 Ninja- 1987 - 07 EX500 Ninja- 1980 - 83 KZ550A- C- D- 1977 - 83 KZ650B- C- D- E1LTD- H- 1976 - 83 KZ750B- E- 1980 KZ750G1LTD- 1980 - 83 KZ750H LTD- 1983 - 84 KZ750K- 1982 KZ750M- 1976 - 77 KZ900- 1973 - 75 Z1- 1... 
  10. Delkevic  Z1 KZ900-A4/A5 4-1 S/S Exhaust System
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Complete Stainless Steel Exhaust system for the Z1 & KZ900-A4/A5. Comes with removable baffle. The oil filter can be changed without removing the pipe from the bike. This item ships directly from the manufacturer, please allow 2-3 additional days to arrive.Delkevic says... 
  11. Rr Shocks KZ900/1000 Chrome
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 45014-107 - Pair of replica chrome Kawasaki KZ900- KZ1000 shocks with plain chrome top shroud. 13.5" from eye to eye. 5 adjustment settings. Although correct for the KZ900 and KZ1000 (77-78)- these shocks fit the Z1 and a large number of other bikes including Kawasaki GPZ550 (80-81)- KZ550A (80... 
  12. Handlebar Switchblock LH Z1 KZ900
    Part #
    Handlebar Switchblock LH Z1 KZ900 - Has a rocker style horn and pass switch rather then a button style (EM99-68891) 
  13. Handlebar Switchblock RH Z1 KZ900
    Part #
    Handlebar Switchblock RH Z1 KZ900 - Will fit and work perfect on the Z1 but has a KZ900 style. (has a square shape top where the kill switch lettering is) (EM99-68892) 
  14. Gas Cap Z1 H1 H2
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 51048-007 - Replica Gas Cap with latch and two pins. Fits Kawasaki models Z1- H2- H1. Includes sealing gasket. AKA Petrol Cap- Fuel Cap 
  15. Gas cap locking
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 51048-012 Reproduction part. This is a complete assembly - it includes the rubber gasket- roll-pin- and 2 all-metal keys.. Fits Kawasaki H1-D- H1-E- H1-F- KH250-A5- KH400-A3- KH400-A4- KH400-A5- KH500-A8- KZ1000-A1- KZ1000-A2- KZ1000-A2A- KZ1000-B- KZ1000-G1- KZ200-A1- KZ200-A1A- KZ200-A2- KZ400- K... 
  16. Fork Tubes Z1 KZ900/1000-A1
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 44013-037- Replacement Reproduction Fork Tubes Kawasaki Fits Z1 KZ900 KZ1000-A1 (Sold as a pair) Overall length: 24 1/8" (615mm) Fork oil : 10W Capacity: 172cc Dry Level: 422mm +/- 4mm (fork extended- spring removed) 
  17. Fork Tubes 36mm H2
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 44013-032 Replacement Reproduction Fork Tubes 36mm Kawasaki - Fits H1 models with front disc brake: H1B (71)- H1D/E/F (73-75) - KH500- H2 (Sold as a pair) Overall length: 22" (560mm) 
  18. Headlight Assembly Black
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 23005-1015-21 Headlight Assembly Black Fits Kawasaki KH500A8 H2A/B/C KZ1000A1-A4/C1/C1A/E1/E2/J1/J2/J3 KZ1100A1/A2/A3 KZ550A1/A2/A3/A4 KZ650B1/B2/B2A/B3/C1/C2/C3/F1 KZ750B1-B4/E1-E3 KZ900A4/A5 Z1/A/B COMES WITH ADJUSTING BOLT- SPRING AND ALL HARDWARE 
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  19. Swingarm bearing kit Z1 KZ900
    Part #
    Contains shaft- 4 needle bearings- 2 spacers & 2 thrust washers - fits Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 English Instructions: (included instructions are in German) 1: Identify the following nuts and bolts: a) chain tensioner bolts- b) axle nut- c) lower shock absorber bolt- d) brake anchor bolts- e) rear swing arm fork-pivot bolt. 2:... 
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  20. Engine Case Guards Chrome Z1 KZ900/1000
    Part #
    3 Point Engine Case Guard Fits Kawasaki KZ900A4-5/B1 1976-77 Z1/A/B 1973-75 KZ1000A1-4/B1-4 1977-80 KZ1000C1-4/D1/D3/E1-2/G1 1978-81AKA Crash bar- engine protection 
  21. Fender Eliminator Kit Z1 KZ900/1000
    Part #
    Fender Eliminator Kit - Aluminum - Kawasaki Z1 KZ900 KZ1000A (77-78) KZ1000B (77-80) KZ1000C (78-81) Comprises undertail plates for license plate and brackets to mount tail light. Brackets and plates are slotted to allow 1"-2" of front to rear adjustment. Also included are the following stainless steel nuts, bolts and... 
  22. Seat Assembly without Strap Complete Z1
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Equivalent to OEM: 53001-076- Replica Z1 Seat without strap- comes with seat latch post - Back of seat has more of a square cut out than the original seat. For KZ900A and 77-78 KZ1000A models- this seat can be adapted using the kit shown below. You will need to locate the... 
  23. Seat Assembly Complete Z2 Z1 - no strap
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. 53001-076 Seat Assembly Complete - Kawasaki Z2 Z1 without strap. Will also fit the KZ900 and KZ1000A (77-78)- KZ1000B (77-80) with fitting kit below. 
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  24. Seat Assembly Complete Z2 Z1 w/strap
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. 53001-076 - Seat Assembly Complete - Slightly stepped seat - Kawasaki Z2 Z1 with strap. Will also fit the KZ900 and KZ1000A (77-78)- KZ1000B (77-80) with fitting kit below. 
  25. Chain Guard KZ900/1000 Z1
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 36014-061 - Chain Cover Fits Kawasaki KZ1000A1-4/C1-4 KZ900A4/5 Z1 
  26. Center (Main) Stand KZ900/1000 Z1
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 34011-1015- Replica Center (Main) Stand - Fits Kawasaki KZ1000A/C/D KZ900 Z1 (KZ1000B although it did not come on the bike if you have different pipes other than the stock LTD pipes this will fit.) 
  27. Bodywork Z1 Painted 1975 Blue- Black & Gold
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. Bodywork - Z1 Painted 1975 Blue- Black and Gold. - All new bodywork expertly painted in Japan in a superb reproduction of the original Z1 bodywork. The set consists of the tank- tail and two side covers. The gas cap and emblems are sold separately. The tank emblem mount is... 
  28. Z1 / KZ900 Replica 4-4 Exhaust System
    Part #
    This item is not eligible for free shipping. These chrome pipes are only sold as a set and include removable baffles- and muffler connector clamps. These pipes do not have any stamping along the top of the muffler- so they closely match the original unstamped 1972 / 1973 pipes fitted to Kawasaki Z1 motorcycles. All pip... 
  29. Meter Cover Screw Zinc Coated
    Part #
    OEM: 220AA0308 - Superceeded number to 220B0308A- Genuine Kawasaki Meter Cover Screws - Zinc Coated - (note original screws were black) 
  30. Tank Emblem Screws (4) Kawasaki
    Part #
    OEM: 92012-003 221C0306 - Four (4) Kawasaki tank emblem screws 3mm x 6. Fits Z1 KZ1000 (except C & P police models) KZ1100 KZ1300 KZ200 KZ250 KZ305 KZ400 KZ440 KZ550 KZ650 KZ700 KZ750 KZ900 ZN1100 ZN1300 ZN700 Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle part 
  31. 6mm exhaust stud
    Part #
    OEM: 92004-049 - 6mm x 46mm - threaded on both ends - genuine Kawasaki parts - fits Z1 KZ900 KZ400 KZ440 KZ305. Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle part 
  32. Side Cover Emblem Lock Nut 3mm Kawasaki
    Part #
    OEM: 92018-005 - Fits the following Kawasaki Side Covers KH400A3-5 1976-78 KZ1000 (ALL) KZ1100 (ALL) KZ1300 (ALL) KZ200A1-2 1978-79 KZ250D1-2 1980-81 KZ250L1/W1 1982-83 KZ305A1-2 1981-82 KZ305B1-3 1982 87-88 KZ400 1974 KZ400A1-2/B1-2/C1 1977-78 KZ400D/D3-4/S/S2-3 1975-77 KZ400H1 1979 KZ440A1-4/B1-2/G1/D1-5 1980-83 KZ55... 
  33. Footrest Cap Kawasaki
    Part #
    OEM: 92102-010 - Footrest Cap - Fits Kawasaki KZ1000A/B/D/E/G KZ650B/C/D/E/F/H KZ750B/E/G/H/K/M KZ900A4/A5 Z1/A/B Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle part 
  34. Copper Exhaust gasket KZ550/650/700/750/1300 ZX750
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 11009-1866- 11009-1408- 11060-1388 31 x 39.4 x 2.8mm Sold each - Fits Kawasaki KZ1300- KZ550- KZ650- KZ700- KZ750- ZR750- ZX750A/E- KZ200- KZ250- KZ305- ZN1300- ZN700. 
  35. Exhaust Gaskets Copper Z1 KZ900/1000/1100
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 11009-1906- 18067-018 32 x 42 x 3.00mm Fits Kawasaki KZ1000- KZ1100- KZ900- Z1- ZN1100- ZX1100. If you need thicker exhaust gaskets (sometimes needed with aftermarket pipes)- the Suzuki fiber exhaust gasket 14181-05020 is 2mm thicker - see below. 
  36. Exhaust Gasket GS550 XN85 GSX-R750
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 14181-05020- 14181-18C00 - Exhaust Gasket - 32mm x 42mm x 5.0mm Fits Suzuki GN125Z/D/EM- DR250SEP/SER/SES- GS250TT/TX- GS300LZ/LD/LF- DR350SER/S/T/V/W/X- GS550ED/ESD/ES3/ESE/EF/ESF/ESG/LD/LF/LG- GSX600FJ/FK/FL/FM- GS650EX/EZ/GX/GLX/GZ/GLZ/GD/GLD/MD- XN85D- GS700EF/ESF- GS750ED/ESD- GSX-R750G/H/RG- G... 
  37. Tank Emblem - Kawasaki - Large (140mm)
    Part #
    56014-1006 Fits Kawasaki KZ1000A1/A2/D1/D3 KZ900A Z1A/B KZ750B1-B4 - Tank Emblem 140mm between screw centers (roughly 5 1/2"). 
  38. Exhaust Gasket
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 5Y1-14613-01-00 - Exhaust Gasket - 32mm x 42mm x 3.0mm - sold individually Fiber filled copper exhaust gaskets. Fits Yamaha FZR400 FZR600 SRX600 YZF600 YZF-R6 FZR1000 (87-95) GTS1000 YZF1000 (97 only) YFM600 YFM660. Can also be used on KZ1000 KZ1100 KZ900 Z1 ZN1100 ZX1100 as they have the exact sa... 
  39. Exhaust Gasket GS750/850/1000/1100 GS1150
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 14181-11020- 14181-01D00 - Exhaust Gasket - 38mm x 46mm x 5.0mm Fits Suzuki GN400T/XT/XX/TX/TZ- GS400B/XB/C/XC- GS425N/EN/LN- GS450 GS500 DR650SL/SM/SN/SP/SER/SES- GR650D/XD- GS750B/C/EC/N/EN/ET/EX/EZ/LT/LX/TZ/TD/SD- GS850GN/GT/GX/GZ/GD/GLT/GLX/GLZ/GLD- GS1000C/EC/N/EN/ET/GT/GLT/GX/GLX/LN/SN/ST/SZ- G... 
  40. Exhaust Gasket XV535 XS750 FJ1200
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 4BE-14613-00-00- Exhaust Gasket - 38mm x 44.5mm x 5.0mm Fits Yamaha SR250G/H/J/TH XS400J/K/RJ/RK XV500K XV535T/TC/U/UC/A/AC/E/EC-L/LC/SF/SFC-SJ/SJC XS750D/2D/E/F/SE/SF XS850G/H/LG/LH/SG/SH FJ1100L/LC/N/NC XJ1100J XS1100E/F/G/H/LG/LH/SF/SG/SH FJ1200S/SC/T/TC/W/WC/A/AC/B/BC/D/DC/AD/ADC/AE/AEC 
  41. Fork Seals 36x48x10.5 Kawasaki
    Part #
    Equivalent to OEM: 44009-012- 44009-014- 44009-024- 92049-1009- 92049-1216- 51490-KK0-305 (fork seals only)- 1K7-23145-00-00- 1W1-23145-L0-00- 48Y-23145-00-00. For 36mm diameter forks. Fits the following: Kawasaki Z1- KZ900- H1B/D/E/F- H2- KZ1000A1/A2/A3/A4/B1/B2/B3/B4/D1/D3/G1- KZ750B1/B2/B3/B4/G1- KZ650B1/B2/B3/C1/C... 
  42. Red Reflector license plate bolt
    Part #
    Increase safety with these reflectors - they even can be used on mailboxes or any other item where it needs to stand out in the dark. SOLD EACH! 
  43. Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Swing Arm - XS650 - RD350 - RD400 - XS400
    Part #
    Swing arm Needle Bearing Conversion Kit - Kit includes - Needle Bearings & Hardened shaft. Made in Japan.The needle bearings replace the original steel, plastic or bronze bushings. You do not need those in addition to this kit. Fits: XS/TX650's 1974-84, RD250 73-75, RD350 A/B 73-75, RD350 LC 80-82, RD350 LCYPVS 83... 
  44. Damper - Hydraulic Steering - Z1
    Part #
    Hydraulic Steering Damper - 7 position adjustable in 20Lb. force increments. Quality Made in Japan. Ideal for sidecar or racing use. Frame bracket must be fabricated to adapt to your application. Equivalent to OEM: 46117-006 Steering Damper - Is identical to Original Kawasaki Steering Damper for the Z1. Variable force... 
  45. Chain Adjuster assembly (2) Z1 KZ900/1000 (77-80)
    Part #
    OEM: 33040-066 (2) 315B1000 (2) 92001-143 (2) replaces 33042-005 - Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle parts. Rear wheel / chain adjuster assemblies - sold in pairs only. Consists of the adjuster- adjuster bolt and nut for each side. These are the 10mm version. Replaces 8mm version originally installed on Z1 models. Heavi... 
  46. Rr Fender Chrome KZ1000-A KZ900 Z1
    Part #
    OEM: 35022-072Genuine Kawasaki Chrome Rear Fender. Fits Z1 KZ900 KZ1000(77-78). 
  47. Fuel Tank Cap Gasket Z1 KZ900/1000 (77-78)
    Part #
    OEM: 51059-008 Fuel Tank Cap Gasket Fits Kawasaki H1- H2- KZ200A- KH250- KH400- KH500- KZ1000A/B (77-78)- KZ1000-B3/B4/G (79-80)- KZ200A- KZ400/A/D/S- KZ650B/C/F- KZ750B/G- KZ900- S1- S2- S3- Z1/A/B Genuine Kawasaki Motorcycle part 
  48. Mirror Rr View KZ900/1000 Z1
    Part #
    OEM: 56001-1030 - - head swivels to fit left or right side. Genuine Kawasaki - They are left or right side Fits Kawasaki KZ1000A/E KZ900A4/A5 Z1 - Sold individually 
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