CBX Handlebar Conversion Kit - '81 - '82 CBX (Pro-Link Models)

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Exquisite Handlebar Conversion Kit for Honda CBX '81 - '82 (Pro-Link Models)

Randakk's is pleased to offer this fabulous conversion product created by Rick Pope that allows CBX owners to select and install standard 7/8" handlebars.

This permits fine-tuning of desired ergos. Select from a wide array of conventional handlebars from sources such as Flanders to get a perfect fit! Great for custom builds. This product not only looks great, but can improve your comfort and control as well. Wider bars can be selected for more leverage...a useful and recommended improvement for many CBX riders.

  • CNC-milled from billet aluminum
  • Supplied with premium stainless attach hardware
  • Attractive machine "tooled" finish
  • 2 Versions available to support "early" and" late" CBX models
  • Simple installation

One of these conversions is on my own CBX (pictured above). This is a superior product manufactured to a very high standard and a significant functional upgrade for any CBX. Highly recommended!

Note: Handlebars are not included. The handlebar shown above is my personal favorite. It is a "Euro" bend. The actual "Euro" bar I selected is from Dixie International and has these specs:

  • Width: 29 1/2"
  • Rise: 2"
  • Pull Back: 5 1/2"
  • Center Width: 4 1/2"

The "Euro" bar yields a great setup that is quite comfortable for someone my size (5' 11").

Installation Notes:

  1. The finish on these kits is presentable as shown. For a show bike, you may wish to do additional polishing, etc. to remove the machining "swirls." (Personally, I like the swirl marks!)
  2. Handlebars are not included. Most any 7/8" bar will fit. Please visit MikesXS or Z1 Enterprises for a great selection of Handlebars.
  3. Bars need to have a center width spec. no less than 4 1/2"
  4. The conversion kit will necessarily cover the auxiliary fuse panel near the steering stem. Fuse failure is fairly rare, but obviously the conversion "bridge" would have to be detached for access to those fuses. That would not be a very appealing road-side task. For this reason, many owners will decide to relocate this fuse panel to another location (typically under the right side cover). This is my recommendation and what we did on my CBX.
  5. Unless "ape-hangers" are attempted, the OEM control cables (throttle and clutch), top brake hose and switchgear/wiring can be transferred without the need for replacement. Some re-routing for safety and best appearance may be necessary.
  6. This conversion is for Honda CBX only. It is not designed to fit any other model.
  7. This conversion is designed to work with the stock CBX forks.
  8. With sufficient rise on the bars, the OEM right switchgear and throttle cables can be used with no tank interference. If you select very flat bars (like "drag bars"), you may need to switch to a Sport Kit-style right switchgear unit with top exit throttle cables for tank clearance.
  9. No "beauty plugs" for the 8mm allen screws are included. Kawasaki Part #92066-1216 (for Concours and others) will work for that purpose.
  10. The OEM spring retainers that go under the fork caps and above the OEM handlebars are omitted when the main conversion top "bridge" is installed.
  11. Some mechanical skill is required to install this high quality kit correctly and with appropriate attention to verify that vehicle safety is maintained. If you have doubts about your abilities in this regard, do not attempt installation. Instead - engage the services of a qualified professional motorcycle mechanic for proper installation.
  12. You will want some high quality handlebar grips to complete this conversion. These grips are worth consideration.

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1981 Honda CBX CBX
  • 1982 Honda CBX CBX