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Ignition & Coils - DDK2-1C - Z1 KZ900/1000/1100 ZX/ZN1100 - Dyna 2000

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DDK2-1C - The Dyna 2000 electronic ignition kit with coils for Kawasaki Z1- KZ900- KZ1000- & KZ1100 4 cylinder motorcycles is a microprocessor controlled ignition with adjustable dual crank sensors. This system provides simple switch settings to control multiple ignition advance or retard modes and rev limits.

* This ignition can be installed on ZX & ZN1100's by utilizing the inner ignition cover and related parts from a "J" model engine. Installation would require the following:
14090-1420 Cover- Engine Cover-
11061-1129 Gasket- RH Engine Cover
92049-1033 Seal Oil- SC32487.
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NEW: Dynatek has just redesigned the Dyna 2000's to be programmable.
SEE BELOW for the Curvemaker programming kit - now available as an option for those wanting to reprogram their Dyna 2000. The Curvemaker kit includes the software and wiring harness to connect to a PC serial port- and will allow custom advance / retard curves and rev-limits. Reprogramming should only be done by experienced engine builders to avoid engine damage.
Some of the features include:
Fully Static Timeable.
Independent 1/4 & 2/3 timing-
static timing light-
five different advance curves-
test mode-
4 different retard modes (great for turbos)-
safety interlock input-
broad range rev limiter-
digital tach output-
high energy-
easy mounting-
complete wiring harness.

Includes a pair of DC4-1 2.2 ohm dual output coils. Wires sold separately (see below).
The Dyna 2000 will work in conjunction with the Dyna Shift Light utilizing one of two configurations:
1.) Use in conjunction with the Dyna Shift Minder kit and conveniently control the shift light with a series of dip-switch settings.
2.) Use the Dyna Shift Light with the Dyna Programming kit for more precision fine-tuning using a laptop or PC.

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