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Ignition - DS2-1 - Z1 - KZ900 - KZ1000 - Dyna-S

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OEM: DS2-1.
Fits Kawasaki Z1- KZ900- KZ1000- KZ1100.
Set and forget - no more messing with points- creates a stronger- more consistent- spark.

NOTE: If you have a '73 Z1 or an early '74 Z1A- we may need to supply a different crank rotor. Up through engine number Z1F-32817- Kawasaki installed a 5/40 degree mechanical advancer (normal fire mark is 5 degrees- then advancing to 40 degrees). Later models utilized a 20/40 advancer. If your bike has one of the earlier 5/40 advancers- please enter a note in the special instructions section to replace the standard rotor (3 rotor- 20/40) in the Dyna-S with one special for these early bikes (3A rotor 5/40).)
As many advancers have been swapped from bike to bike- please visually inspect before ordering. The first picture is the early Z1 advancer (5/40) - note how close the F mark is to the TDC mark. The second photo shows the advancers run from mid-1974 Z1s up through the KZ1000 models.
1 year factory warranty.

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