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Caliper Halves Seal - Rear - GL1000 CB750F VF1000

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This is the special rubber seal that seals the rear brake caliper halves.


  • GL1000 1975-1979.
  • CB750F 1975-1976
  • VF1000R 1985-1986

This part is discontinued by Honda. For reference, the Honda part number is: 43217-371-006.

Our exact reproduction is constructed of superior synthetic rubber that is 100% compatible with DOT 3/4 and 5.1 glycol-based brake fluid.

Not approved for use with DOT 5.0 Silicone brake fluid which is never advised for these vehicles.

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Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1975 Honda CB750 SOHC CB750F 750 Super Sport
  • 1976 Honda CB750 SOHC CB750F 750 Super Sport
  • 1975 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000
  • 1976 Honda GL1000 GL1000-LTD
  • 1977 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1978 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1979 Honda GL1000 GL1000 Goldwing
  • 1985 Honda VF1000 VF1000R 1000R Interceptor
  • 1986 Honda VF1000 VF1000R 1000R Interceptor