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Dyna Single Output 3.0 Ohm Mini Coils (Pair) DC3-2

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Dyna Single Output 3.0 Ohm Mini Coils (Pair) DC3-2

$146.00 Ea

DC3-2 (used with twin cylinder bikes fitted with two single output coil) 3 ohm mini black coil. Smaller and lighter than the DC3-1 coils, these are ideal for drag racing applications. Fatter spark means smoother running and less chance of fouling a plug. See below for plug wires. Check the resistance of the coils you are replacing to ensure a correct match. For some Kawasaki bikes with a ballast resistor in the circuit, the 3 ohm coil is the best choice - just remove the ballast resistor from the circuit. If you have questions if these are correct, please call us or Dynatek at 1-800-928-3962 Never select a coil with a lower resistance than your ignition system - this will cause the coils to overheat and burn out... It is OK to select coils with a slightly higher resistance. For example 3.0 ohm coils with a 1.5 ohm CDI ignition. DO not select this coil for use with the Dyna-S or Dyna III ignitions.

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