RED-KOTE® The Only "Real" Fuel Tank Sealer and Liner (1 Quart)

Red-Kote® is an internal fuel tank liner designed to seal leaks and prevent further rusting. 

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Red-Kote® is an internal fuel tank liner designed to seal leaks and prevent further rusting. As a sealant, Red-Kote® excels at sealing the often hundreds of pin-hole leaks that occur along seams or where straps wrap around the tank. Once in place, Red-Kote® forms a very tough, flexible membrane that will never crack or flake as many competitive products do. Red-Kote® will not plug lines or cause engine damage when used properly. Future rust will be prevented because condensation will not contact the metal. A partial list of additives that Red-Kote® is resistant to includes ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, toluene, methyl tertiary butyl ether, isopropyl alcohol and tetraethyl lead. Red-Kote® takes approximately eight hours to dry. Coating a fuel tank should be a simple and easy process...and as we always do, the DCC Crew brings you RED-KOTE® Fuel Tank Sealer and Liner. The only choice for sealing up that rusty old fuel tank sitting a'top of your dream m'ochine. Simply remove your tank, drain the fuel, swish a 50% mix of CLR and water around for about the length of your favorite Rockabilly song and then drain with a final swish of denatured alcohol. Now, dump half the can of RED-KOTE® Tank Sealer close the lid and roll it around coating the interior. That's it! RED-KOTE® Tank Sealer stays 100% flexible and will never crack or peal off the interior tank surface. Think "latex" when you need it most... It will find and fill all pinholes even covers rust should you fail to get it all out prior to coating. What makes RED-KOTE® Tank Sealer different is that it's a solvent-based polymer coating which is resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol and other fuel additives other coating solutions which require multiple parts to actually "seal." It doesn't get any better than this folks.

Is Universal Part: Yes

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