Spark Plug and Spark Plug Cap Guide

NGK Spark Plugs The following guide shows how to interpret the different letters in the NGK plug number.

For example:
The NGK B8ES plug is 14mm thread (B), has a middle heat range (8), a thread length of 19mm (E), and a standard 'hook' style electrode (S). The thread pitch is 1.25mm. The platinum equivalent of the B8ES is B8EV.

NGK Spark Plug Model Number Identification Chart

Spark plug cap package In addition to the spark plugs, the plug caps use a related numbering.

Spark plug

The second letter of the plug cap determine which plug it will fit. For example the B in VB05F shows it fits B series 14mm thread spark plugs. The D in SD05F shows it will fit either the 10mm or 12mm C or D spark plugs.

NOTE: Do not mix suppression plug caps with suppression plug wires. You will be doubling up on the resistance and creating major issues.