Curtiss’ Drag Bike

Kawasaki Z1 custom drag

Check out this crazy custom Kawasaki drag, built by Z1 Enterprises customer, Curtiss A. He gets into detail below.


“The engine is a J model, 1587 (85mm bore with a Falicon 70mm billet stroker crank), J model epoxied / welded head with 44mm spigots and 42 X 34 titanium valves.

Pistons matched to chambers; set up currently with 16.5:1 compression.

44mm Lectron carbs

Robinson billet 4 speed automatic transmission

Murray 1.75 – 2.00″ stepped header.

It’s a Koening chassis.  I do all the work on the bike myself, except for machining operations.

Thanks for being there for us old Kawi lovers!  You guys are great.

Thank YOU, Curtiss and all our talented customers.


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