Z1 Thanksgiving Hunt 2017

Z1 Thanksgiving Hunt

Z1 Enterprises First Annual Thanksgiving Hunt!


What are you thankful for?  Your awesome Z1 or KZ900?  Honda GL1000?  Belly Button Lint?  At Z1 Enterprises we are thankful for great customers like you!


And as a prelude to our CyberMonday sale, to celebrate, we are launching our first annual Thanksgiving Hunt.  


Here’s how it works.  Within each category identified below there is a product that has a code in the description. 

 The code is @12Thanks^%$1 


If you use that code during checkout, you will get a 15% discount on that item.

But don’t tell anyone what the code means.  It’s a secret.  Just between you and us.

And it’s only between now and November 26, 2017.


Happy Hunting!



Item #1. Auxiliary is a person or thing providing additional help or support.  That’s what Z1 Enterprises is all about.  Providing additional help and support.  And if you go to our Tools Section, we have a neato auxiliary gas tank that you can get 15% off on.    


Item #2.  Objects may be closer than they appear.  Especially if there are flashing lights because you are going over the speed limit.  We can’t help you get out of a ticket.  But we have a great universal mirror set that you can get 15% off on during the hunt.  Go to our Mirror Category and find the code.  


Item #3. Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop.  Find this valve shim kit in our 29.5mm Shims Category.


Item #4.  Honk for freedom!  Honk for your rights!  Honk for McDonald’s to bring back the McRib sandwich, and not just on a limited time only basis.  Whatever your reason.  You can find this great horn discounted by 15% in our Horns Category.  



Item #5. “I can ride my bike with no handle bars”.  Great song.  But not realistic.  Find

these 35mm clip on Handlebars and get 15% off.             



Good luck!