Screw Set - Carburetor - BS34 - KZ1000P2/P3

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Stainless Steel Bolt Set to replace those easily damaged Philips pan head carb top and float bowl screws. Includes: 32 socket head bolts- 32 lock washers and 1 Allen key for a total of 65 pieces.

These bolts are all SMOOTH head Allen bolts. We polish the bolts for up to 24-48 hours in a tumbler to get a bright even look.

Fits Kawasaki:

Do not over tighten these bolts - you can easily distort the body by over tightening.

Is Universal Part: No

OEM Number(s): N/A

Motorcycle Fitment:

  • 1983 Kawasaki KZ1000 J Engine KZ1000-P2 POLICE 1000
  • 1984 Kawasaki KZ1000 J Engine KZ1000-P3 POLICE 1000