Oil Filter Conversion Kit Filter Fitments / CBX Fit Notes

This page details filters you can use with this kit. No filter is provided with the adapter.

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  • Permits the use of these economical, readily available auto spin-on filters (not included in kit). All of the Fram filters below have an 8-11 psi by-pass valve and anti-drain back valve in the filter.

    • Fram PH2951
    • Fram PH3600
    • Fram PH3614
    • Fram PH6016

  • Other verified filter cross-references listed for convenience. All of the filters below have an 8-11 psi by-pass valve and anti-drain back valve in the filter.

    • CarQuest 85348 (Blue Box Premium Model)
    • NAPA Gold 1348
    • Purolator PL10241 / PL25230
    • Mobil1 M1-102
    • Bosch 3330
    • AMSOil SMF 108
    • Baldwin BT223
    • Hastings LF157 / LF134
    • K&N KN-174C
    • Purolator L10241 / L20064
    • WIX 51348

Moroso Part#22400 is a nice chrome filter that looks great!

Buy from Summit Racing Equipment here

AMSOIL offers a chrome filter as well: #EAOM134C here

(Amsoil plain filter is #EAOM134)

Note: Fram numbers are provided for reference...any equivalent brand with 3/4"-16 threads and a seal diameter of 3 inches or less will work. I'm well aware of the "controversy" regarding the quality of Fram filters so please don't email me any information about that "issue" or bash my poor judgement about oil filters online. As I say, the Fram numbers (and pictures) are provided to assist in cross-referencing any equivalent filter you prefer. I use WIX 51348 and CarQuest 85348 (made by WIX) on my own bikes.

Note: Recommended filters have an outer case diamter of approximately 3 inches OD. Avoid filters that have a smaller outer diameter.

Note: No filter is included in the kit. You can source filters locally at any auto parts outlet.

Note: A filter with a 20mm threads (M20X1.5) will go on this adapter, but the threads engage by a mere .012 inch (0.3 mm) or less. It is likely that the threads will strip allowing the filter to become loose, resulting in rapid loss of oil. This includes the OEM Honda Goldwing 1500, and likely any "motorcycle filter." Most motorcycle-specific filters have metric threads. K&N filter KN-174C is another filter with M20X1.5 threads. DO NOT USE FILTERS WITH 20MM THREADS!!!

The Fram 3614 or its equivalent in other brands (take your pick) is used by Chrysler, GM, Toyota , Suzuki and Saab as well as other Automobile manufacturers.

For your convenience you may ask for a filter for:

  • Chevrolet
    • Metro 1.0
    • 1.3 litre 1999 Pontiac Firefly
  • Chrysler
    • 2000 Chrysler Cyrrus 2.4L
    • 1989 Daytona 2.5 or 2.5
    • 1990 Daytona 3L
    • 1989 LeBaron 2.2 or 2.5
    • 2003 PT Cruiser
    • 1990 Dodge Caravan
    • 1995 Neon
  • Saab
    • 1998 2.0 litre
  • Toyota
    • 1992-2005 Camry 3.0
    • 2002 Celica 1.8
    • 2007 Highlander
    • 1987-1995 Pickup
    • 1998-2007 Sienna
    • 1995-2007 Tacoma

CBX Fit Notes courtesy of John Smarsh:

"I've found four filters available in three lengths (3.3", 3.8" and 5.14") for use on a CBX. The 5.14" will work with most 6-into-2 pipes. On most 6-into-1's, the shorter 3.8" filter (there is one shorter at 3.3") is about the longest that will fit. I prefer using the K&N oil filter with Mobil 1 being my second choice...and Fram (Mexico manufactured...quality and internal separation issues) last. Caveat with the K&N is that it has a molded removal "nut" on the end of the filter housing that may cause a clearance problem. This nut is taken into account in the listed body length measurements. Non-K&N oil filters will be about .25" shorter. Randakk's adapter is 1" thick and is NOT included in the above measurements.

K&N Oil Filter Mobil 1 Oil Filter Fram Oil Filter Length Diameter Relief Pressure
HP 1003 M1103 PH2951 3.3" 3.0" 8 - 11 psi
HP 1002 M1102 PH3614 3.8" 3.0" 8 - 11 psi
HP 2009 M1209 PH3600 5.14" 3.0" 8 - 11 psi
HP 2005 M1205 PH2870A 5.14" 3.0" 27 - 35 psi
Note from Randakk: The 27 - 35 psi filter is not recommended. The by-pass relief pressure calibration is not optimal.


  1. Heights are for K&N filters with the integral removal nut on the end of the filter. Other brand filters should be .25” shorter.
  2. HP1002 is standard size filter for many Saturn cars. As a side note, HP2009 may be substituted for HP1002 on Saturn cars for a larger filter.
  3. All filters listed above have an internal anti-drain back valve.
  4. The Honda OEM oil filter relief springs appears to allow relief action at around 10 psi. No service manual specification has been noted.

I'm using the 5.14" long HP2009 on a CBX with Wolf 6-into-2 headers. On a Tim Ware Kerker 6-into-1, I'm using the HP1002 at 3.8". Use this link to cross reference K&N numbers to other manufacturers: "