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Valve Shim Changing Tool - Kawasaki

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Used to replace shims on Kawasaki Z1- KZ900- KZ1000- KZ1100- KL600- KL650- KLX650- KZ1300- ZN1300- KZ750 (twin).

1. Rotate tappet (bucket) so the notch in the tappet edge is positioned towards the center of the engine.
2. Turn crankshaft so that the cam lobe is 180-degrees from the tappet face.
3. Insert the spring compression tool between the cam lobe and the shim. Push the tool in far enough so that the tappet is forced away from the cam. Do not PRY the shim as this can damage the tool and / or impale the user. The spring comrpession tool is in far enough when it no longer is forced out when pressure is released.
4. Insert the curved tappet holder between the camshaft and the tappet lip (edge of the tappet).
5. Remove the spring compression tool and change the shim. TIP: Shims are magnetic! (Shims should be installed with the size facing downward to preserve the number.)
6. Replace the spring compression tool to remove the curved tappet holder.
7. Remove the spring compression tool.

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